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Good nutrition can improve your recovery

Michelle Strong, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, is one of our community partners and is our guest author this week. She is the founder of the Strong Nutrition and Weight Loss clinic (– a boutique nutrition practice for weight loss and prevention/ management of chronic illness. Her approach is integrative and addresses the emotional connections people have with […]

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Achieve your ideal posture

Posture is something we all intuitively know something about, and ideal posture is something we all strive for. But how much do you really understand about what your ideal posture is? Imagine if you were looking at yourself from the side and could draw a line from the top of your head down to the […]

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3 hip exercises for your knee pain

Have you ever suffered from knee pain around or under your kneecap (patella)? This may be related to a condition called patellofemoral syndrome. Treatment for this type of knee pain includes exercises to improve the strength of your front thigh muscles (quadriceps). You may have also even had your knee taped, braced or stimulated. However, if […]

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Is your heel pain truly plantar fasciitis?

Man running in nature in sports shoe

Gabe Ho, Registered Massage Therapist is a graduate of the Royal Canadian College of Massage, McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, and McMaster Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance Programs and a member of the College of Massage Therapists. He uses a neurofunctional approach for his massage and acupuncture treatments to identify and correct the underlying causes of dysfunction. […]

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Stretches to help you out after shoveling

Fixes for some common post-shoveling aches! We’ve all experienced some aches and pains after working hard to clear the snow from our driveways and sidewalks. Here are some physiotherapy stretches you can try to alleviate pain in your shoulders, knees and back. You should not be feel any pain with these exercises. If your pain is being […]

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Avoiding injury while shoveling

Snow shovel throwing snow in the air against blue sky

After a few years of mild winters, we have returned to winter weather that is truly Canadian! Like all of us, it is likely safe to say that you’ve dusted off your shovels and gotten your snow-moving muscles moving a few times already this season. Here are some tips (from the Canadian Centre of Occupational […]

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