Achieve your ideal posture

Posture is something we all intuitively know something about, and ideal posture is something we all strive for.

But how much do you really understand about what your ideal posture is?

Imagine if you were looking at yourself from the side and could draw a line from the top of your head down to the floor. With ideal posture, that line would pass down through the ear canal, over the tip of the shoulder, just in front of the middle back vertebrae, through the middle of the low back vertebrae, right over the pointy bone of the hip, through the middle of the knee and outer bone of the ankle.

Some people have increased curves and their head is forward. This puts excessive stress on the neck muscles and can cause pain.

Others have too large of a curve in the middle and or lower back, which can also cause unusual stress on the middle and lower back.

Finally, seniors may have a forward bent or kyphotic middle back. Often the bones become wedge-shaped making it impossible to stand up straight.

Our therapists can help you with the pains and muscle tightness associated with poor posture, and help you work toward achieving ideal posture through muscle strengthening, as well as increasing range of motion and flexibility.

If you or someone you know is having trouble with neck pain, lower back pain, or poor posture, have them contact us. EQ Physio is conveniently located at the corner of Dundas and Trafalgar in Oakville – we’re here to help you achieve balance and equilibrium today!