Our Core Values - EQ PHYSIO - Oakville, ON

Act with integrity

1. Act with Integrity

  • We will only recommend services that we believe in
  • We will do what we say we will do
  • We expect integrity from everyone we work with (our colleagues, clients, partners)
Foster a Safe and Learning Environment

2. Foster a Safe and Learning Environment...

  • For both our team and our clients
  • To evolve into better versions of ourselves to help others
  • Where we protect your privacy
Strive for Excellence

3. Strive for Excellence

  • Be leaders in what we do
  • Encourage innovation
  • Challenge the status quo to do better
Create Enthusiastic Fans

4. Create Enthusiastic Fans

  • Strive to have everyone we work with feel a 'wow'
  • Treat everyone we meet with respect
  • Develop a bond of trust