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What is the CAPCare Plan and Brain Gauge?

The Brain Gauge is a ground breaking piece of technology that was developed by the US Navy for their concussed soldiers. It involves taking a simple test that measures multiple aspects of mental function such as:

  • perception
  • reaction times
  • how you process information
  • how your brain responds to different information.

This test is used alongside a questionnaire called the symptom tree to create a care plan tailored for you. 

CAPcare Plan - Track Your Brain Health

The results of the Brain Gauge test and symptom tree questionnaire, highlights impairments that are caused by your concussion.


The report produced includes treatment recommendations based on the results of your tests.
This allows our experienced and knowledgeable team to create an action plan, specifically tailored to your specific injury and to understand how it is affecting your brain health.

The Brain gauge also allows for constant measurements of your impairments.  This allows us to provide a highly accurate and targeted treatment and recovery program for your post concussion syndrome.

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"EQ Physio helped me understand what was happening to my brain . . . every time I came I felt better. I would absolutely recommend EQ Physio."
Sherry, Ontario.

"I would absolutely recommend EQ Physio."
Sherry, Ontario

"The Brain Gauge . . . I wish at the beginning of my concussion, I 'd had this information.
   It was much easier for me to do those things that I couldn't do before"
Sherry, Ontario.