Balance prevents falls

Balance is something that we often take for granted. If you have ever had a fall, you know that it can happen without warning and can have serious consequences.
  • One in four people that live at home, and are over the age of 65, will fall within the next year.
  • Sixty percent of all falls occur in the home.
In the senior population, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths. Falls are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma. It isn’t surprising that so many seniors fall if you analyze their life situation. For example, many seniors are on medications, many of which have the side effects of dizziness or disorientation. Some seniors do not participate in any type of regular exercise program, so their bodies aren’t well-conditioned . They often suffer from arthritis pain, or might be overweight and sedentary. Considering these factors, it becomes clear why falls are so common.

How can you decrease your chance of falling?

  • Do not use loose rugs in your home.
  • Identify slippery conditions/uneven surfaces and eliminate them.
  • Secure any loose telephone and lighting cords.
  • Make sure rooms are well-lit and furniture is spaced so that it is easy to walk around.
Wood floors covered with carpet resulted in a significantly reduce risk of hip fractures in the elderly. When looking at forces generated with impact on carpet-covered wood floors verses other surfaces, results indicate that if a person lands on a carpet-covered wood floor, the odds of breaking a hip are significantly less and the impact forces were much lower. Balance is something that often declines with age. We become more sedentary and no longer challenge our body with physical activities. The good news is that balance can be regained and if you follow a few simple tips, you can reduce your chance or the chance of a loved one from falling. Good calf flexibility can help your ankle and foot work more efficiently, reduce impact, and decrease fatigue. A flexible arch and toes can reduce foot and heel pain. We can develop a program for you to increase your strength and flexibility today to help prevent in the future!

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