Is Post Concussion Syndrome Holding You Back From Living a Full and Normal Life?

Does This Describe You?

  • You have suffered a concussion injury that is impacting your everyday life?
  • Does it feel like life is on hold? Are your symptoms stopping you doing the things you want to do?
  • Are you frustrated that your concussion is stopping you being able to drive a car, play sport or even return to work?
  • Are you tired of feeling unwell and struggling to spend time with family or friends?
  • Are you concerned that you have lost confidence since your concussion injury?
  • Are you starting to worry that this will not get better and it will never go away?

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What is Post Concussion Syndrome?

A Concussion happens after an impact to our head, causing a traumatic injury to our brain, temporarily affecting brain function.

It causes symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Issues with balance and co-ordination.

These often resolve quickly.  It can take up to:

  • 2 weeks in adults
  • 3-4 weeks to 2-3 months in young adults and children.

However, 5-15% of people, may continue to suffer from symptoms, these cases are described as Post Concussion Syndrome.

What are the Symptoms?

Every person is different but symptoms can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Balance problems
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Sensitivity to motion and visual stimulation such as bright lights or turning your head.
  • Cognitive difficulties e.g. memory, speech, finding the right words.


It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

You’ll Be Pleased to Know Finally That There is a Solution to this Debilitating Problem

Here at EQ Physio, we specialise in addressing vertigo and dizziness and have developed a Post Concussion Rehab Program.

This program is specifically designed to help you:

  • Reclaim your balance
  • Get back to doing the things you love
  • Live a full and happy life

The Post Concussion Rehab Program

The program is run by the team here at EQ Physio, who have helped many people just like you, struggling with Post Concussion Syndrome.

We have identified a large proportion of people suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome, think or have been told to just rest and give it more time.

However, this is can be very frustrating when you are struggling with symptoms.

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The Post Concussion Rehab Program

This effective 3 Step program involves:

1) Full Assessment

Concussions effect everyone differently. During the assessment we will get to know your story and closely examine your :

  • How your injury happened
  • Head and eye co-ordination
  • Balance and gait
  • Motion sensitivity

2) Treatment

Each treatment program is tailored to your specific circumstances and goals. Your treatment program may include: 

  • Manual Therapy to the head, face and neck area
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise rehabilitation for eye tracking and movement, vision stabilisation, balance and motion sensitivity.
  • Pain Management Strategies
  • Nerve Mobilisation Techniques
  • Return to work/school/sports protocols

3) Management

These vital sessions will guide you through exactly:

  • How to stop the symptoms
  • How to self manage your issue
  • How to avoid the triggers and correctly time your return to work, school or sport

Empowering you to be able to return to doing the things you love, with confidence, without worrying about your Post Concussion Syndrome. 

Every case of Post Concussion Syndrome is different depending on the type and severity of your injury and how long you have been struggling with your symptoms.

Here at EQ Physio, our Post Concussion Rehab Program can involve, but may not be limited to:

  • Hands on treatment techniques to the your head, face, jaw and neck areas using gentle and effective manual therapy techniques.
  • Acupuncture techniques
  • Intra-muscluar stimulation (I.M.S)
  • Pain management strategies.
  • Strength and conditioning techniques to improve your neck strength and endurance.
  • Exercise rehabilitation for eye tracking and eye movements including visual stabilisation techniques.
  • Education on posture and modifying your activity levels during your recovery
  • Exercise to improve motion sensitivity and prepare you for return to aerobic exercise 
  • A step by step back to work, school or sport protocol to get you back to normal and doing the things you love.

Each treatment program is designed specifically for you, taking into account your unique circumstances and goals.

Is the Post Concussion Rehab Program Right for You?

Our program could be your solution if:

  • You have been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome
  • You have been told all you can do is rest and are feeling frustrated
  • You are having balance problems
  • You are getting dizzy or blurred vision with quick head movements
  • Your symptoms are starting to really get you down and you feel you want to do something to help yourself
  • You are worried your symptoms should have improved by now and would like some help and guidance
  • You tried to get back to work/sport too quickly and things got worse, so you would like a structured plan going forwards
  • You just want to get back to normal, feel well again and get your confidence back.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Chad – Oakville

I've been coming here for a couple of months for treatment after shoulder surgery. Juny is a fantastic physiotherapist. Professional, knowledgable and thorough. It's a great place for treatment.

Michelle Strong, Oakville

I came in with terrible dizziness. Paul was amazing. He diagnosed and treated me quickly and already after 1 session I am feeling so much better.

Kristy (Christine) – Oakville 

Paul is amazing!! My daughter is a competitive gymnast and Paul is focused on healing as well as prevention. He goes above and beyond, making sure he always has time to see her, to ensure she can continue with her training pain free.

Bonnie – Oakville

I came to Paul as he was recommended to me by another Physio in Vancouver for IMS treatments. I was suffering from Plantar Faciitis that had caused such pain in my hip that I could not walk without pain. I had been seeing a chiro for the pain for a year and saw no improvement. After the first treatment with Paul I saw some improvement and after just a few months I am pretty much pain free! Paul's approach is very unique as he doesn't just treat the symptom. He looks at the body as a whole and works on correcting all of the different parts that are affected. I highly recommend him as he is very thorough and goes above and beyond to help you.

Sarah – Hamilton

I see Paul once a month for IMS Treatment. I travel from Hamilton to Oakville and it is well worth the drive. My treatments allowed me to heal and now I’m on a maintenance schedule to help keep me working and playing pain free. If your injuries keep on coming back, book in with Paul. He can help! If it’s a new injury, make him your first choice.

Diana - Mississauga

I had ACL and meniscus surgery recently and Paul has been helping me out with my rehabilitation. I also saw Gabe a few times for acupuncture and massages related to my injury. They make sure you are comfortable with and informed about the treatment and exercises in your rehab plan. I highly recommend their services!

Why Choose EQ Physio?

Post Concussion Syndrome Rehab Program

Our highly experienced team are dedicated to helping you after this distressing and frustrating injury.

Our structured treatment program will get you well on the road to recovery and back to doing the things you love without worrying about symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome

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