Aquatic exercise benefits

Aquatic exercise is one of the best ways to take the load off your joints while enjoying a cardio and strength-building workout. Here are some fun facts: did you know that you weigh 50% less when you stand in waist deep water? Did you know you weigh 90% less when you are submerged in water up to your neck?

Here are some great reasons to try water-based exercise:

  • Increase muscle strength– a recent study found that after 12 weeks of regular aquatic aerobic exercise, participants had made significant gains in strength, flexibility and agility.
  • Build endurance – Unlike traditional weights, which require the human body to push and pull against the weight plus gravity, water resistance is a more natural resistance which requires the body to strain through the water rather than against it.
  • Increase flexibility – As the body is subject to water resistance during water aerobic exercise – which requires movement in various directions while adjusting to the push and pull of water – the joints naturally increase their range of motion and your flexibility improves.
  • Low-impact exercise – the impact on your joints during weight-bearing exercise can be hard on your joints. The buoyancy that happens during water exercise lessens the impact on joints. This is very beneficial to people with arthritis or anyone undergoing physical rehabilitation.
  • Relieve stress and decrease anxiety – engaging in water-related activities is great for reducing stress, and can help alleviate anxiety and depression.
  • Burn calories – your body gets a full workout in water as it combines strength training and cardio, with the bonus of water resistance, it’s possible to burn between 400 to 500 calories an hour.
  • Reduce blood pressure – the water resistance works with your blood and enables it to flow and circulate more effectively throughout the body, effectively decreasing blood pressure and decreasing your heart rate – so your heart is being productive with less stress.
  • Cooling exercise – water aerobics are a cool activity no matter what time of year it is.
  • Social fun – since they aren’t limited to any age group or skill level, water aerobics are a great activity for anyone!

If you have aching, arthritic joints, do yourself a favour, and book an assessment with us to see if an aquatic exercise program is right for you. It could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself! Contact our clinic today – we’re conveniently located at the corner of Dundas and Trafalgar in Oakville.